In the beginning there was a vacuum. The most needy students received the lowest level of care or none at all.

We live in one world. We are inter-dependant. Children give as they receive. They are precious and essential, their talents many-fold.

The impulse to destiny is manifest as we endeavor to maximize all our potentials and possibilities. Reaching for the stars we embrace and appreciate each moment of tragedy and triumph along the way.


Every child deserves unconditional positive regard and respect. With each interaction guided by our primary operating principle, education transcends classroom, stretching out into the family, community and workplace. Static brick and mortar constrict the learning environment, inviting boredom and alienation. We recognize learning is dynamic and shaped by experiences before, during, and after the current moment. Embracing all experiences, we welcome the opportunity to support and grow with them while enriching the world around us all. With this recognition, we work toward a continuum of education and service that challenges these communities to emanate unconditional positive regard and respect.


The Center School provides opportunities to maximize the quality of life for children and young adults who are faced with significant challenges while proving unconditional positive regard in a diverse environment. To ensure the well-being of students, The Center School assists schools, agencies, families, and communities. The Center School provides considerable resources to staff in order to meet the needs of the individual students.

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